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Last updated: February, 2021

Enjoy watching our free gyno x movies featuring hot sexy babes who are getting their pussy and ass inspected in the gynox clinic with all sort of medical equipment such as speculums and thermometers. These girls are going through a series of tests such as breast and abdominal palpation, anal speculum examination and injections. The best part is the orgasm heartbeat test when these ladies are asked to masturbate with toys and cum on the exam table. Enjoy and don’t forget that you can find similar videos and picture galleries inside website. Bye!


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Gyno X Clinic Video

Check out this gyno x clinic video and watch this cute babe getting her insides closely inspected with two speculums and receiving a great pussy fisting. This gorgeouys babe really enjoys getting her pussy and ass fingered and stuffed with thermometers after she receives an injection and suppository. Watch as the doctor checks her out and pleases her wet pussy!


Enjoy as this cutie gets fingered on the exam table!

Lussy’s Gyno Exam

Lussy came to gyno x for a routine check and she was nicely surprised that we have a new doctor in the clinic. As it turns out this new doctor made her feel very comfortable, and beside the usual inspection her gave some extra attention to her pussy. Watch our new hunk doctor fingering Lussy’s ass and pussy giving her an orgasm she will never forget! If you liked this scene and you’re looking for similar content, come inside blog. See you soon!lussy-gets-her-pussy-inspected-by-a-hot-doctor

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Gyno X Crystal Gallery

Check out this sexy 22 year old blonde getting examined in this next gyno x Chrystal gallery. Busty Chrystal came to the gynox clinic for a breasts massage but turned out the doctor had other plans in mind. She never tought that this massage will turn on into an anal fisting session. He wanted to make sure she is perfectly fine so after the breast massage he asked her to get completely naked for a pussy and anal exam. Poor girl took injections and then the doctor shoved a thermometer in her ass. busty-crystal-gets-her-pussy-examined

 Enjoy as this busty babe gets a detailed anal inspection!

Gyno X Rhianna

Our next gyno x Rhianna patient got so turned on during her examination that she hat to reach into the doctor’s pants and stuff his big cock into her wet pussy. After the anal examination when the doctor pushed his finger up in her ass she became dripping wet and she told to the doctor that she has never felt so horny before. Watch this naughty babe sucking our doctor’s cock in this video gallery! If you liked this gallery and you are looking for similar videos and galleries don’t forget to check out website. Enjoy!


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GynoX – Anal Inspection

This cute brunette came to the gynox clinic for a routine check up without knowing what is going to happen to her. This time she had to pass a series of tests not to mention that she got injections and suppositories. When she thought that the doctor has finished with her, she was asked to turn around for some femdom anal inspection. Watch her getting her pussy and ass fingered in the same time on the gyno x table!cute-brunette-getting-her-ass-and-pussy-fingered

 Enjoy as this cutie is getting her ass and pussy fingered!

Sexy Roberta

Meet Roberta, our 24 years old gyno x patient who came for a typical routine check. Our sexy female doctor is going to closely inspect Roberta’s pussy so get ready this great pussy gape scene. She is checking her insides with two speculums. Roberta seems to be fine, she only has to pass through the heartbeat orgasm test so make sure to watch this new scene and check out our next patients as well!


 Watch as our hot patient is getting her insides inspected!

GynoX – Mae Mary

The girl on our gynox table is Mae Mary, a hot brunette who came to us for a close inspection of her pussy and ass just like in sicflics videos. She went through a set of exams such as mouth and feet inspection, two speculums exam and vaginal ultrasound. After our hot female doctor introduces a suppository in her tight asshole or sexy gyno x patient had to pass the final test, the orgasm heartbeat exam. She passed them all nice and clean, this cutie is good to go, now lets move to the next one!mae-mary-pussy-inspection

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Gyno X – Laura and Claudia

Beautiful Laura is the next patient in our gyno x clinic. Our hot doctor Claudia is going to check Laura out. She loves to be examined by gloved babes but at first Laura was very shy but Claudia assured her that nothing bad is going to happen. After she got undressed Claudia started fingering her pussy Laura started feeling more comfortable. Watch as her pussy gets inspected!

gorgeous-brunette-getting-speculum-exam Enjoy as this babe gets her pussy closely examined!

Gyno X – Getty

Our next gyno x patient is a sweet 21 years old babe, Getty, who gets examined by a hot female doctor. After she is asked to take all her clothes off sweet Getty sits up on the exam table spreading her legs wide open. The doctor loves pee drinking so she sticks her thermometer into her pink pussy and then she turns around for an anal examination. Watch here receiving an anal dilation treatment and then the female doctor shoves a suppository in her asshole. This babe is having a hard time getting an orgasm so the doctor asks her to masturbate with a vibrator! Enjoy watching as this hot babe gats a powerful orgasm in this gynox scene!

getty gets naked in the gyno clinic getty gets a thermometer sticked into her pussy hot brunette receiving an anal dilation and supozitori sweet getty dildoing her pussy

Watch her getting her ass and pussy closely examined!

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